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This week’s video was our last market update for 2021! The year has gone by so fast. Next week we will be doing a video on the market numbers for the entire year of 2021 so be sure to check that out. Click the video down below to visit our YouTube channel!

Every market update video we normally use the same categories but sometimes we mix up what we’re comparing. This week we chose to focus on Weber County and compared this December to December of 2020 to show how the market has changed. We get all of the numbers from our local MLS.

The first statistic we look at is the number of homes sold. In December 2020, 415 homes were sold whereas in December of 2021 357 homes were sold. The median sold price for December 2020 was $310,000 and interestingly enough in December 2021 it was $389,000. Values are still rising. The last category we look at is days on market. Sometimes days on market is a little misleading because it depends on the agents. It is measured by when the listing agent actually changes the status in the MLS from active to under contract and sometimes there is some lag time. We still use this stat because it gives an idea of how fast the market is moving. Last December the average DOM was 6 and this year it was 12. We think this is because last year when everyone was somewhat coming out of Covid there was a buying frenzy and everyone was jumping on things more. Twelve days is still not a long time but this does show a little softening in the market. Overall it’s still a good time to sell because values are up and it’s still a good time to buy because interest rates have been kept low.

If you have any questions about any of this or are interested in knowing the statistics for another county contact us! Give us a call or text at 801-821-9400 or email We’ll also leave a contact form down below! You can also use our search feature to look at homes for sale in specific areas. Just use our “Search by” box at the top of the website!

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