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How Virtual Home Tours Work

How do Virtual Home Tours Work?

This week on our YouTube channel we discussed how virtual home tours work! We showed a few clips from a virtual tour done in Ogden last week. This client is from Alabama and wants a home ready when she arrives within the next few months. Through our website we found a house that fit her needs and she decided it was worth seeing. The first thing we like to show is the neighborhood and the outside of the home. Sometimes we’ll drive around and show more of the neighborhood and surrounding area. Then we go through the house and make sure the client understands the layout and the size of rooms. We also point out things a buyer would normally notice. In this video the flooring looked a little worn so that was pointed out. A big priority is making sure all of the client’s questions are answered. We also mention that during the inspection we video the inspector to ensure everything is understood. During that time we also take measurements for clients and anything else that is requested. We have helped over 100 families buy homes virtually so you’re not alone if this is something you’re interested in. Watch the video on our YouTube channel below! Give us a call at 801-821-9400 if you have any questions.

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