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Neighborhood Tour of Ogden Utah

Last week Cory went around and gave a little tour of Ogden. We have done Ogden tours before but this time focused on 12th street. Twelfth street has a lot of shopping and restaurants so it’s pretty popular in Ogden. Watch the video down below!

Twelfth street in Ogden is about 15 minutes away from Hill Air Force Base and about 45 minutes away from Salt Lake City. Over the past couple of years the city has really become a nice place to be. There are many restaurants and shopping places. In the video above Cory takes you to 7th street in Ogden which is a nice little neighborhood. Most people don’t live on 12th street but are pretty close to it. If you’re in this area the mountains and trails are pretty much in your backyard. Houses around here are normally 3 or 4 bedrooms and prices start at about $300,000 and go up.

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