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Our Favorite Thai Restaurants in Ogden

One of our go-to dinners is Thai food. We have two favorite restaurants that we switch between depending on what we’re in the mood for.

Ruan Thai

The first one we’re going to share is Ruan Thai. It is located on 12th street and Wall Ave in a little shopping center. The website says “The chefs and owner at Ruan Thai use the most traditional Thai recipes taught to them by generations of Thai family.  At Ruan Thai, customers should experience the taste and freshness found in authentic Thai cuisine.  All food is prepared fresh to order in a convenient, relaxing and quick manner.” Our family normally gets a few different types of curry (chicken green is my favorite) and a few orders of pad thai. Ruan Thai is open everyday except Tuesday so plan for that!


Aroy-d is our original favorite. We love this place! It is located just down the road from Ruan Thai on 12th street. They serve lunch and dinner everyday but Monday. This is why we switch between Ruan Thai and Aroy-d. One of my favorite dishes here is the pineapple curry. It is served with the best rice and is so delicious. Cory always gets the pad thai as spicy as they serve it and he loves that as well. We highly recommend Aroy-d.

If you have any questions contact us at 801-821-9400 or email We’ll also leave a contact form below. Comment below your favorite Thai restaurant in Utah!

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