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Pros and Cons of Living in Eden and Huntsville

To start, let’s go over the pros. The first pro is the privacy that comes with living in the valley. To get to Eden and Huntsville you have to go through a canyon and it feels like you’re leaving everything else behind. It’s private in the sense that everyone is there for a reason; it’s out of the way. Another pro is that you’re living in the mountains. Many people travel to get to Eden and Huntsville in order to enjoy the landscape. Living there feels like you’re always on vacation. You have Pineview Reservoir which is great for swimming, boating, fishing, ice fishing and whatever else you want to do. We spend a lot of our time at Pineview. The main attraction that brings people to the valley is the three ski hills. One of them, Snowbasin, hosted the 2002 winter olympics. During the winter there is skiing (obviously), snowboarding, tubing, snowshoeing and other winter activities. During the summer there is mountain biking, hiking, trail running, camping and things like that. Eden and Huntsville really is great for the outdoorsy type. We can’t forget about how beautiful it is during all of the seasons.

Not everything can be a pro so let’s go over some of the cons. The main one is that you have to drive further to get to everything. You’re adding on an extra 15-30 minutes depending on where you live to get most places. There is a small grocery store and a few restaurants and shops located in the valley but for the most part you’re driving over the pass or through the canyon to get to any shopping. That brings up another con, there is only 2 main ways to get in and out of the valley. There’s a few back ways but most of the time you’re either taking the North Ogden Pass or the Ogden Canyon. This is a problem in the winter when there’s snow and it’s dangerous to drive these roads or when there’s traffic. Something else that a lot of people with kids take into consideration when moving to Eden or Huntsville is the drive to high school and sports. Weber High School is where the kids living in the valley go and it is over the pass. For some kids it could take 30 minutes to get to school everyday and adding on after school activities can be a lot of driving. This is especially inconvenient in the winter when there’s snow on the roads.

Overall, the valley is a gorgeous and amazing place to live but there is some things to take into consideration when moving there. If you have any questions about anything real estate give us a call at 801-821-9400 or email We’ll also leave a contact form below where you can ask questions!

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