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Pros and Cons of Living in Layton UT

Pros and Cons of Living in Layton UT

This week we did a video on the pros and cons of living in Layton. Check it out below!

Layton is located directly south of Hill Air Force Base in Davis County.

Pros of Living in Layton UT

The first pro that we came up is the fantastic location of Layton. It borders Hill AFB so the commute is less than 15 minutes to the base from anywhere in Layton. That way you can live super close and have access to the base without actually living on base. Farmington Station is also about 10 minutes away. Farmington Station is a giant shopping center with everything you could possibly need but if you’re looking to venture out Salt Lake City is only about 25 minutes from Layton as well.

Next is the topography of Layton. It stretches from the mountains almost to the lakes so there’s a wide variety of landscape. Depending on what lifestyle you have you may want to live closer to the mountain. The advantage of being on the mountain is the view of the valley and the close proximity to activities (hiking, biking, snow shoeing). Another great option is in the flatter land. If you prefer to have more useable land for things like animals or a shop the flatter land would work much better.

The last pro we’re going to discuss is the low taxes and good education. The taxes are much lower than the national average so those are not a worry! All of the schools in Layton are a part of Davis School District. Davis School District has a number of top ranked school and is in the top 30% of the state for test scores. We have many clients that love the schools there!

Cons of Living in Layton UT

We struggled to come up with cons but one that is prevalent at the time is the traffic. Both I-15 and Highway 89 are under construction right now which makes rush hour a mess. That is something that you will definitely have to plan for if you’re living in Layton. Hopefully that construction will be finished within the next few years and it won’t be a worry anymore.

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