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Top 3 Tips for PCSing to Hill AFB from Overseas

Check out this quick video we made to share a few tips on PCSing from overseas!

1. Find a Local Lender

When starting the process of buying a home financials are always the first step. Our number one tip is to find a local preferred lender. We have a few lenders that we can refer to you or you can find our own. The advantage of having a local lender while you’re overseas is they make it more personal. They are always willing to FaceTime or do anything to make you more comfortable and get your questions answered. Big banks tend to push people to do everything online which leaves you on your own with questions. Also, when you get to the stage where you’re offering on houses it’s sometimes an advantage to have a local lender because other real estate agents know them and know you’re taken care of.

2. Virtual Tours and Inspections

Our next tip is to find an agent that does virtual tours and inspections (hint, hint…it’s us). We have helped many families while overseas so we have quite the system for this. You can do pretty much everything virtually that you could do in person besides actually walk through the home. When doing a virtual showing we show the yard and drive around the neighborhood as well as showing the inside of the home obviously. We bring tape measures to help give perspective of the sizes of rooms and whatever else you’re curious about. Inspections are also done virtually. We will have our fantastic inspectors go over everything in the house and explain what they found thoroughly. This is also another time that we can take measurements or anything you, as the buyer, would normally do during the inspection.

3. Saving Time

The last tip we have is to buy virtually in order to save time. The advantage of buying while you’re still overseas is when you get here we can hand your keys. Moving is no one’s favorite. Imagine getting to your next duty assignment and already having a home to move into. Of course if you’re not comfortable buying virtually you can still get a head start by finding a local lender and getting preapproved. Then we can begin showings as soon as you’re here. Again we have helped many families find homes while they’re still overseas and we’d love to help you too!

Contact us with any questions you have! We are always here to help. You can fill out the form below or call or text us at 801-821-9400. You can also email

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