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Top 4 Tips for Moving to Hill AFB


Linked below is a video we made going over this topic. Like and subscribe to our YouTube channel for more information about PCSing to Hill AFB and living in Utah!

1. Come Prepared for the Weather

In Northern Utah we get all 4 seasons; our summers are hot and our winters are cold. So depending on where you’re coming from be sure you’re prepared with proper clothing. We moved here from Texas so we were definitely not prepared for winter. We were also shocked when we got here in August that is was 100 degrees outside! Another thing to think about is driving during the winter snowstorms. We strongly encourage having an AWD or a 4-wheel drive vehicle.

2. Decide Before You Arrive if You Want to Rent, Buy, or Live on Base

There are pros and cons to each of these and you can check out out YouTube channel for more specific information. Deciding where you want to live before you get here helps ensure two things: first, that you will have a place to live and second, there will be less stress in finding a home. This allows you to start looking ahead of time. A great option we offer if you choose to buy is virtual showings. You can check out our other blog post on this for more details. The biggest benefit with this is you can do everything in the home buying process from your current duty station and a home will be waiting when you arrive here.

3. Do the PCS Purge

Have you ever moved with the same unopened boxes from the last move? Tell us we’re not the only ones. It’s time to let go of the things you’ll never use again. Every move is a chance to clean everything out so that your next home can be clutter free. Throw away and donate as much as you can to make your move easier.

4. Reach Out to a Local Lender

The fourth tip is related to the second. Once you have decided whether you want to rent or buy look at the BAH chart to find your allowance for housing and then get in touch with a local lender. We can provide one to you that we trust. They will tell you what purchase price fits your allowance. Using a professional saves a lot of time and you know you’re getting correct information.

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